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The Solution

With Escala’s device POP can now be repaired in the doctor’s office.

We developed the first minimally invasive, incision-free repair solution to Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP). Our device addresses the need, offering a non-surgical repair alternative that is safe and easy to perform.

The incision-free procedure is performed under mild local anaesthesia and does not require longer than 20 minutes. As no cuts are involved the procedure may be performed at the office setting.

Our device is a tissue anchoring, approximation and fixation system intended for anchoring sutures to ligaments of the pelvic floor. The device utilizes an incision-free vaginal approach allowing fixation of the vaginal apex to the sacrospinous ligament (SSL) for apical suspension. Apical suspension is regarded as the most important component in prolapse repair increasing the long-term success of the repair procedure. 

Shifting prolapse repair from inpatient/outpatient setting to office-based procedures has the potential to change the way POP is treated today. Our device brings a new treatment alternative to the women suffering from prolapse that currently either wait until their condition deteriorates to a stage requiring surgery or continue to compromise on quality of life.

Advantages of the Escala procedure:

  • No cuts & mesh free.
  • Designed for minimal risk, morbidity & patient discomfort.
  • Outpatient or office-based procedure.
  • Quick 3-step procedure (position, deploy, secure) requiring 20 minutes overall.
  • A compelling option for many pelvic surgeons providing a solution to an un-tapped patient population.
  • Reduces costs compared to other repair alternatives.

No incision-free repair procedure available.

The Escala device is the only anchoring repair system with incision-free and mesh-free characteristics, also including a mechanism to facilitate incision-free retrieval in case of misplacement.